Your windows are the first thing your customers will see when they enter your business.

Clear, sparkling windows are a reflection of your business. Dirty, hazy windows reduce curb appeal for your guests, clients, and customers. You would be surprised that even on the inside of your windows germs, bacteria, and grime can stick to the glass making the inside of your business a less clean space. Clean windows help to create a positive first impression for guests and customers. For business owners, sparkling windows tell your customers that you are conscientious and pay attention to details. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of windows is often overlooked. Professional window cleaning will add value to your business, improve mood, and make your business more inviting. 

Safe Wash Solutions offers professional cleaning services that can save your business time and money.

We have the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to keep your windows looking their best. We use the latest in water purification technology systems to ensure your windows get a spot free and streak free shine. For interior windows, we utilize biodegradable soaps and filtered water, which makes your windows sparkle not streak. For exterior windows, we use our state of the art pure water carbon fiber extension poles that allow us to reach even the toughest windows. 

Commercial properties build up dust and grime as well as handprints and smudges fairly quickly. For retail spaces and restaurants, we recommended window cleaning at least once every month. It’s important that your customers don’t notice dirty windows while dining or shopping. For commercial buildings or offices, on the other hand, we recommended that window cleaning occur twice a year. Professional window cleaning is an affordable, effective component of property maintenance, and a cost effective, customer-conscious business tool. It’s amazing what a positive difference window cleaning can make to the look and feel of your business. By simply cleaning the windows, everything feels fresher.

Enhancing the look of your business is our specialty. We provide the highest value and deliver superior service every time. We schedule cleaning times that work for our clients and we offer “after hours” cleaning for those businesses that chose to have their work done while their business is closed. 


From pressure washing services to soft wash services, we are ready to serve you with five star curb appeal.


5 stars



“Maison, Matt and their team were very professional and detail oriented. Didn’t miss a thing!!! I highly HIGHLY recommend.”

— Kasey Venezia