Do you have to clean your solar panels? Of course you do!

Pollen, dust, dirt, bird droppings, soot, pollution, and organic matter such as leaves will undoubtedly settle on your solar panels. Luckily, a good heavy rain will wash away a good bit if the debris but will not totally clean your panels. Over time, a thin layer of grime will develop and hinder your solar panels from getting the sunlight they need. This film will prevent them from preforming at their best. Think about what your vehicle would look like if it were never washed!

Google conducted an experiment at their solar farm in Mountain View, California. They cleaned panels that had not been cleaned in 15 months and found that their output nearly doubled! When they cleaned them 8 months later their energy output increased by 36%. Google concluded that regular cleaning of solar panels was “the number one way to maximize the energy they produce”. Adopting a solar panel maintenance routine will keep your panels operating at maximum efficiency so you can reap the full benefits of going solar year after year.

Let Safe Wash Solutions experts clean your solar panels and keep them working properly ultimately saving you money!

You may be wondering what we use to clean solar panels and the answer is simple. Water!

Safe Wash Solutions uses only the highest quality pure reverse osmosis deionized water for solar panel cleaning. Our state of the art pure water carbon fiber extension poles allow us to reach the toughest areas. We follow all manufacturer guidelines to ensure we protect your investment. Our experienced team members will make sure your solar panels are preforming at their best. 

We recommend cleaning your solar panels every 8 months to a year. If your solar panels are mounted flat you will need to clean them a lot more, possibly 2-3 per year, because they collect a lot more dirt and debris than angled panels. Also, another deciding factor when it comes to how often to clean your panels is where your home/panels are located. Keep in mind that solar panels located near trees will get dirty much faster than panels that located away from trees and brush. The best solution is unique to each person so monitor your output before and after cleaning so you can come up with a cleaning frequency accordingly. 

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