Never underestimate the value of clean windows.

We all want our home to look its best and dirty windows are very unsightly and detract from the overall curb appeal of your home. Pollen, mildew, and grime build up on the glass of the windows, making them dingy and blocking the natural light. You would be surprised that even on the inside of your windows germs, bacteria, and grime can stick to the glass making the inside of your home a less clean space. Sparkling clean windows will make a huge difference in the aesthetics and atmosphere of your home. Your home will feel cleaner and fresher and your windows will shine crystal clear from the inside out.

The longer you let your windows stay dirty the harder they are to get clean. When hard water evaporates on the surface of a window, it leaves behind the minerals, which dry and harden. The spots are not very noticeable at first, but after a while, the deposits build up to create a thick whitish glaze. In the early stages, these deposits are easy to get off but after a while, the sun will bake these spots onto the glass, making them hard to remove. The professionals at Safe Wash Solutions are experts at removing these hard water stains. While it is not an easy task we have the proper solutions and equipment to help us get the job done. We recommend having your windows professionally cleaned twice a year and more if your desire.

We use the latest in water purification technology systems to ensure your windows get a spot free and streak free shine.

For interior windows, we utilize biodegradable soaps and filtered water, which makes your windows sparkle not streak. For exterior windows, we use our state of the art pure water carbon fiber extension poles that allow us to reach even the toughest windows. We also remove, clean and replace screens during our cleaning. A professional window cleaning will boost the aesthetic of your home, which is crucial when you are trying to increase your curb appeal, encourage a sale, or just make your home a cleaner and fresher place.

5 stars


My home looks brand new.

“Maison and his team were incredible! They were quick & reasonably priced.”

— Stacey Rase